Actress Park Eun-bin overwhelmed with gifts on 30th birthd欧冠竞猜平台ay

K-drama actress Park Eun-bin, who turned 30 on Sunday, celebrated her milestone 欧冠竞彩推荐 birthday in a sea of presents. Her portrayal of an adorable lawyer on the autism spectrum made the series the seventh highest rated drama in South Korean cable television history and topped Netflix charts in the region. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network “Thanks to all of your love, I was happy yesterday, and I was really, really happy today as well. Thanks to you, 欧冠竞猜平台 it seem like I’ll be happy tomorrow as well,” she wrote in the caption in Korean, which was translated by entertainment portal Soompi. The Extraordinary Attorney Woo star has seen her popularity skyrocket as the recent K-drama became a sleeper hit in South Korea as well as on Netflix. In the series of photos she shared on Instagram, she is seen wearing a tiara and surrounded by wrapped boxes, giant bouquets and stuffed toys that covered the flo 欧冠竞彩官方, or.

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