Boo to PAS’ no foreign 欧冠竞彩官方,acts call, a half baked idea, say entertainment groups

“So, how can they (PAS) deprive citizens from witnessing their favourite artistes performing live?”
“The activities will be able to generate a lot of money for our economy and contribute to our gross domestic product,” he added.
Para added that artistes who performed in Malaysia had always abided by the guidelines and ensured the lyrics and dressing were within the limits.
“We have obtained approval before announcing the concert. We always abide by the policies of relevant authorities to ensure all shows staged are permitted,” she said.
PETALING JAYA: Calls by PAS for the cancell 欧冠竞彩官方, ation of several high-profile concerts by foreign artistes are a reflection of the party’s half-baked views, say various civil society and trade groups.
On social media, the more cordial Malaysian users are asking PAS to be considerate.
He said the industry had worked clos 欧冠竞彩推荐 ely with the Communications and Multimedia Ministry, and they too had been on the frontline in providing jobs to local event crews, performers, and suppliers, among others.
The Association of Promoters and Live Events chairman, Para Rajagopal, said the call to cancel international events was disappointing when the organisers had followed the Malaysian event guidelines.
He said the issue required a holistic treatment, and PAS should look at the pros and cons before proposing to cancel all concerts.
“If the artiste abides by all the regulations and qualities prescribed by Puspal, then they should be allowed to perform or shoot in Malaysia.
“The PAS Youth chief needs to at least look at how we are conducting events in Malaysia and how we try to incorporate Malaysian values,” he said.
Malaysian Artistes’ Association (Karyawan) president Datuk Freddie Fernandez said PAS should learn to respect other people’s rights, adding that Malaysia had always been a moderate and tolerant country.
“We cannot be singled out for moral decay just because of live concerts when there is so much other content online,” he said.
Fernandez added that such a move would have an impact on the economy as such concerts would attract tourists from all over the world.
“I hope the government will maintain its position (of allowing the concerts to proceed).
Star Planet chief coordinating officer Carmen Liew, who announced the K-Pop group Super Junior’s concert yesterday, said they were only bringing in great entertainment and helping to promote tourism.
“As long as it’s decent, not provocative, should be ok laa … and they are also here just to make money la, so I’m 100% sure they can comply with whatever conditions we set, biz is biz,” said user Zzu Uzz.
“This is an industry that is contributing to the economy, livelihoods and the music industry.
Persatuan Seniman Malaysia president Rozaidi Abdul Jamil, better known as Zed Zaidi, said artistes who had passed checks by the Foreign Filming and Performances by Foreign Artistes Application Centre (Puspal) should be allowed to perform in Malaysia as the benefits would go back to the local arts industry.
“Some appreciate the music by those international artistes.
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Earlier yesterday, PAS Youth chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari called on the government to cancel all upcoming concerts by foreign artistes, saying that su 欧冠竞猜平台 ch events encourage hedonism and did not fit in with local norms.
“We will not hesitate to mobilise resistance throughout the country if (this call) is ignored,” the Pasir Mas MP said in a Facebook post.
“We have to view it holistically because this will benefit our economy too in terms of entertainment tax and, at the same time, provide job opportunities for our musicians, technical crew and others,” Zed said.
“If PAS wants to protest, then they should do it through the right channel, which is through Puspal, an agency under the Communications and Multimedia Ministry with representatives from the police and immigration department.”

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